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3 200 000

tokens distributed

tokens distributed








Developing countries face unique challenges when trying to conduct business. Businesses in developing countries face constant pressure when trying to grow and expand. They have to deal with both barriers to entry to markets and information asymmetry which are no longer acceptable in more developed economies.

Pars technology

Pars technology based on European and specifically Dutch know-how and expertise innovatively utilises blockchain technology and the underlying philosophy of peer to peer transactions to facilitate financial transactions within and between nations. Pars solves the problems that conventional banking systems are currently unable to solve.

Something about us

“One coin, to change the  world”

We believe everyone should have access to the same financial possibilities regardless of where they are living. This enforces entrepreneurship and business development even in developing countries. With Pars we will build a bridge and open the door to possibilities which seemed to be out of reach with our current banking system for many amongst us.

Meet The team

our talented experts

  • M. Boshoven
    M. Boshoven Software Engineer

    Martijn is always interested in the latest technologies and has a
    passion for complex and challenging issues. He has experience with C, C++, C#, SQL, python, java and many more programming languages.
    Programming is about a way of thinking, not the language you are
    writing in.

  • D. Panahi
    D. Panahi Back-End Developer

    Panahi is a young back-end developer who has joined ParsBlock right
    after finishing his study Computer Science. He has started working on Blockchain as a miner when he was younger, later on, and during his studies, he became blockchain enthusiast and start working on applications as a back-end developer.

  • H. Mortaz
    H. Mortaz COO

    Mortaz is a strategist and entrepreneur with a great passion for new technologies. He has the academic background in engineering, financial management and marketing with more than 10 years proven track record in business development, operation & marketing management in dynamic international environments.

  • J. Molina
    J. Molina HR Manager

    Jessica is an all-round administrative champion. She is an entrepreneur herself and has worked in a wide range of different corporate sectors. While living in Spain she has done her 10.000 hours of working with people. As the HR manager for ParsChain her priority is to ensure a good working atmosphere in which staff feel that they can grow.

  • S.A. van der Valk
    S.A. van der Valk Social Media Editor

    Sara is a social researcher with an interest in different cultural perspectives on new technologies, and in new ways to account for impact by empowering people. She speaks a lot of different languages and has lived in four countries. Her background is in politics and statistics. Before joining Parschain she worked as a freelance consultant in social impact analysis.

  • BHO

    BHO is a visionair, entrepreneur, intellectual, righteous, and generalist. He has a background in mechanical engineering (robotics) and is a technical commercial economist. He gained experience in project management within multiple technical industries. He is the founder of the largest project control & software company in Europe. Enthused by his interest in new businesses and psychology of society he started with the Block Chain technology in 2015.

  • Dr.  Javi Abbasi
    Dr. Javi Abbasi Blockchain Strategist

    Javi Abbasi(PhD.)is Professor of E-Commerce at QIAU. Professionally, Javi has been active as a senior advisor on banking and IT industry. Javi is a big fan of blockchain technology and has been involved in the technology since 2012.He has worked on multiple ICO projects with successful implementations and now he is advising ICOs and DAOs to design and implement effective Blockchain based business.


  • H. Tiesma
    H. Tiesma Adviser

    Tiesma is a technologist and entrepreneur with a strong background in IT sector including ERP, CRM, SCM, HR, BI, Cloud, hardware, consulting and services. He is Founder and Director of a Business Incubator helping Startups & organisations to generate more ideas and get into action at a higher speed. He is also Facilitator of 6-Hats Thinking- and Innovation sessions.

Our advisors

Invest in Pars

We see a clear opportunity for Pars to grow in the developing countries.
The enormous untapped potential of new participants to the Crypto market will be the driving force behind the rise of Pars.
Pars will remove the obstacles that exclude these individuals and bridge the Gap that is existing. Do you share our vision and want to participate in this investment opportunity while, empowering the end users to gain financial liberty?

2017 Q4

• Market research performed • Business analysis performed • Technical team assembled • Advisory team assembled

2018 Q1

• PARS Token created • Whitepaper v.0

2018 Q2

• Pre -ICO • Developing  ICO smart contract  • Developing Windows, Android and IOS Wallet  

2018 Q3

• Whitepaper v.1 • ICO Phase 1 • Contracting Local Business partners • Local exchange “Beta” • Developing Pars Coin Blockchain

2018 Q4

• ICO Phase 2 • Audit and revision on Blockchain • Developing Wallet for Pars Coin • Beta test CoinWallet • Launching own Blockchain

2019 Q1

• ICO Phase 3 • Audit and revision on Blockchain • Launching Local Exchanges • Launching Pars Coin • Swapping Coin for Token • Launching Coin wallet

ICO structure

100,000,000,000 total Pars Token
Funds allocation

  • Local investors
  • PRE ICO Contributor
  • ICO Contributor
  • Locked for Development Project
  • Marketing & Bounty Programs
  • Charity
  • Advisors
  • Founders

Project usage of amount allocated During the Pre ICO and ICO

  • EXCHANGES AND Infrastructure

ICO infos

Max number To be distributed 40,000,000,000 PARS
MAX number of Token Pre Sale 10,000,000,000 PARS
MAX number of Token Distributed ICO 20,000,000,000 PARS
Token locked for local investors 10,000,000,000 PARS
Currency accepted Ethereum
Token Rate Pre Sale 0.005 EUR
Contract type ERC20

More Info?

Need more information?

Download the Pars Whitepaper

Are you interested in how you can benefit from using Pars?

Are you curious in why you should invest in Pars?
Our whitepaper will give you an in- depth view of our technology, the goal of Pars is and how it sets out to achieve it.

Latest News

“One world, one coin,

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is ParsCoin?

ParsCoin is the digital asset underlying the Pars infrastructure and ecosystem. In the Initial Phase, ParsCoin shall start as an Ethereum smart contract, ERC20 Token. This phase is called the Token phase. This allows one to raise the necessary funds and build a relationship with its user base while ParsLedger is being developed. This blockchain introduces Pars in the second phase, the coin phase, where Pars will become a native coin, on its own blockchain. The Pars blockchain facilitates low fees and a scalable amount of instant transactions, which is essential for Pars to act as a successful currency.

What are the advantages of Pars?

Low cost, decentralised and secure high-speed transactions are claimed advantages of some other Cryptocurrencies, but Pars is the first and only cryptocurrency that is transmutable with the local Fiat currencies of the Developing countries. This makes it the feasible solution for a currently existing problem.

Will Pars remain a Token?

No, Pars will only remain a Token in its initial phase. In the second phase, Pars will become a native coin, on its own blockchain. Each 1 Token will be changeable to its equivalent of 1 Coin.

Where is our community?
Where can you buy Pars?

During the ICO phase Pars can be bought on the Pars Website. Please make sure that you see https://…
After the ICO, Pars can be bought from the many exchanges that it will be listed on and through the network of partnered financial institutions for the locals of their respective countries.

Where is the Pars Wallet?

You can download the Pars multicurrency wallet from our website; this is secure, anonymous, and ERC20 Compatible decentralised application so you can have Ethereum and many other ERC20 Tokens in your wallet.

Is Pars Open source?

Yes, Pars project is open source and it is audited by security experts in the Pars community.


Can I Mine Pars?

No, the Pars token in its initial phase is a token developed based on ERC20 Standard on Ethereum Platform. To minimise the transaction fee and also transaction time we are working on Pars Blockchain which will need no miners for confirming and validating the transaction. This will be environment-friendly and will save a considerable amount of money for Pars users in each transaction.

What is the total Supply?

Total supply of the Pars in its final stage will be 100 billion Pars. Pars is divisible to its subunit called Parsic, each Pars is 1000 Parsic.

Which cryptocurrencies can I use to buy the tokens in the ICO?

In the ICO, you can use only Ethereum to buy Pars token.

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